Tuesday, 1 June 2010

FlexiBath - The Coolest Bath Ever!

Why has it taken so long to invent such a great bath? When I was contacted by a PR to review it, I was very pleased as I have heard many mummies talking about this award- winning product. I was even more pleased when I got the pink version for Isabelle. As she is 3 years now, at first I thought, she would be just too big for a bath like that. As it says on their website it should be suitable from 0-4 years, we gave it a go.

I am very glad I decided to test it, and I think it is one of the best products I have ever reviewed. Just a shame I did not have it when Isabelle was tiny, but will have it for our baby number two. It's just so easy to fold and unfold and saves soooo much space. Isabelle loved testing it and keeps on asking me to have her bath in it every night... Well done to the Danish engineers whom it took three years to come up with this fabulous flexible foldable baby bath tub. It comes in beautiful colours- pink, blue, red, green, white and transparent and has a non- slip bottom, which is a great feature all mums and dads will appreciate.

Available to purchase from www.flexibath.co.uk for £29.95


  1. How does it differ to using a big peoples bath? It says up to 4 . I'm just curious to what the advantages are , its foldable but then I have a bath wich is permantly there.
    Hehe.. I wanted to ask these questions at the baby show but they were busy so I couldnt! :)

  2. To be honest Emma, I think that this bath is mostly for little ones, (even though older children can fit in easily too and Isabelle loved being in it). I am sure you had a little bath when your little one was younger, or did you put him straigh away in a big bath?

    So the biggest advantage for me is that it folds, saves space and has the non- slip bottom. I think it's the best bath for younger children. I can also imagine taking it with us when going camping or on holiday. I think they mention the age just to give you an idea when it's not suitable to use.

    I hope I have answered your question, if not just let me know ;)


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