Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Fitness Tuesday!

I have had this little Twitter chat to Karin from @Cafebebe and Maria from @verybusymama this morning about post pregnancy fitness in the UK. I have been thinking about this topic for a while as I managed to shed 20 kilos (44lbs) after having Isabelle. It took me a little while, nothing like the celeb mums, whom it takes sometimes just 3 months ... 3months??? Maybe if you have your personal trainer, childcare, your own chef and focus only on you and your body. But who wants to do that? Also as I was breastfeeding for almost a year, I had to eat properly, and the myth that breastfeeding helps losing weight....I don't think so!

So here is what I thought of doing. From my personal experience it is important to do some kind of exercise every day if you are serious about losing some weight and being fit. Also it is very important to make little changes to your diet. I still eat chocolate and cakes, but I have them in the morning, so the body has plenty of time to use the extra energy. But the golden rule for me has always been, not to eat big meals in the evenings! Before having Isabelle I was very strict and didn't eat anything after 6pm. These days I have to admit, I am not so strict and if I feel hungry in the evening, I have something little, but always check how many calories are in it, and have no more than 200Cal. Drink plenty of water, I mean PLENTY, and when you feel hungry, have a drink of water! Drink before your meal, during your meal and after your meal. Eat a lot of fruit and green vegetables!

But back to the exercise bit. If you are reading this post, you are a mummy and you know that even if you want to do some exercise, it's not always possible as you have the little one/ones to care for. But what works well for me is to do it at home. Everyone can do a few sit ups a day, skip in the back garden, do some push ups or use a hula hoop. Do 20 a day of each for a week and you will see how much better you will feel the week after. If you can't do it one day or forget, don't give up! Do it the next day! Then come back every Tuesday afternoon and add your link to comment on how it went. Every week add a few more of each exercises, let's say 10 ( but do only as many as you feel comfortable with, don't kill yourself!), and one day we will be talking in minutes!

I was also thinking that doing it together at the same time (unfortunately not at one place) would be very encouraging for many mums, so I would always remind you on Twitter (@Kahanka) about the exercises and we could have a chat about it on Twitter too. This should also be great for sharing your tips on how to get back into shape, so please, feel free to comment and add your tips. Looking forward to have fun exercising together!

As this is the first time I am mentioning our "Fitness Tuesday",
I would like to find out who is in and what you think about it? If you are interested I could also add some exercise plan for each week every Tuesday. So who is in?

  1. Maria @ verybusymama
  2. All Baby Advice @ Kahanka
  3. Rebecca @ twobecomefour
  4. Mummys Shoes
  5. Titchy Talk
  6. Cafe Bebe
  7. Emma aka b4kersgirl @ Mummy Musings
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  6. Snaffles Mummy
  7. Im in
  8. This linky list is now closed.


  1. I think is a fantastic idea. Ive been thinking about it too. I gained too much and it has taken me more than a year to lose weight, and I'm still not "like before". I cant join in on Tuesdays as Im at work, but I am in! I can be the running coach (although I am no expert, but I have been running for some time!) Maria x

  2. Hi Maria, you can join in any other day, doesn't have to be on Tuesday. Tuesday will be the day when we will start adding posts about our improvements, which you can do anytime. I also love running, but that's something not all of us can do at home ;)

  3. I'd love to join in once baby arrives! See you in 5 weeks (give or take!)?

  4. That's great, feel free to join us anytime and I hope everything goes well with your baby's arrival ;)))

  5. I'm in, or will be, just been making a new plan for starting exercising again but it's just too hot at the moment here. Will try and get into a sit up routine for now. (although a 3 week holiday in England might distract me!)

    I'll be back ;)

  6. Great to have you on board Emma, I will be on holiday for a month, it's not going to be easy, but we will do it:)

  7. I can't resist. I have recently discovered a circuits class round the corner on a Tuesday - was there earlier on and now have that slightly wobbly maybe-I-overdid-it feeling in my limbs. It's a last few pounds from the belly that won't budge...

  8. The only way to go is persevere, and that's why we should be doing this together and encourage each other ;)

  9. Great idea! I'd love to get rid of my wobbly bits but never seem to find the time.

    I'm in!

  10. I'm so in. Joining you & here to help if anyone needs me :) Good luck everyone!

  11. I'm in, i need to stay motivated and this will help me xxx

  12. Great idea this and so nice to know we are doing it together!

  13. All you lovely ladies, can't wait to start improving my fitness with you ;)))

  14. As soon as my back gets better I will be linking up with you guys at the moment just trying to stay health through dieting.
    Thank you for linking up with fitness friday


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