Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fitness Tuesday - Week 10!

It has been already 10 weeks since I started our Fitness Tuesday, would you believe it? I have focused on running and also do the sit ups and push ups at home, sometimes skipping, but would love to do more skipping in the future. 
I am very happy with my fitness right now, but have to admit that lately have been having really bad back pain when I sleep. I don't have any problems during the day, when I am active, but almost every night I wake up because of the back pain in early morning hours. Sometimes it's so bad I cannot fall back to sleep for a few hours. I don't like taking pain killers, so just have to go through the pain without them. Lately it has been so bad, that even my husband realised there was something going on...and wants me to go to see the doctors...which I don't really want to do. 

At first I thought it could be from running, but I have proper running shoes, stretch before and after doing the exercises. Well, maybe he is right, I just hate going to the doctors....

Anyway, sorry for complaining about my back and let's concentrate on you now!

And how did you do last week? What exercises have you done in the last week?

As every week I suggest doing the following exercises every day until next Tuesday. It will not take you long, you don't have to do them all at once. If you feel comfortable doing more, do it, if you feel you might need to do less, don't worry, do less this week and do more the week after. I am not a fitness instructor, I am here to encourage you to do some exercises to get fitter and hope you will be there for me too.

I suggest doing the following for the next week:
  • 50 sit ups (towards both knees)
  • 50 sit ups (touching your left knee)
  • 50 sit ups (touching your right knee)
  • 17 push ups
  • skipping for 75 seconds (roughly 1 turn per second)

So what do you think? If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please let me know.

Don't forget to come back next Tuesday afternoon and add a link to your comment on how it went and please visit as many of the others' posts as you can. We are here to help each other. Can't wait to see all your comments ;)

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