Sunday, 12 September 2010

Happy Nameday to My Mum And All Marie/Maria/Mary in the world!

I would like to say "Happy Nameday" to my mum. Unfortunately she is in the Czech Republic so we will not be able to see her, but we will give her a call at least.

In many countries people celebrate namedays. There is a different name written in our calendar each day and people of the same first names celebrate on a particular day. It's not as big as your birthday, but it's nice as many people will congratulate you on that day. We usually give flowers and chocolate or some little presents. I used to get many as I used to be a teacher and my students used to bring me so many flowers and chocolate... probably to bribe me not to write any tests on that day!

Today is the day when all women called Marie/Maria/Mary will be celebrating, so "Happy Nameday" to every one ;)

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  1. Thanks for your tweet!! In Latin America we have the same too - calendars have the "saint names". I get two of them, Maria and Jose :)


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