Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I Love My Swiggies!

A few weeks ago I was participating in a 5k Adidas Women's 5km Challenge
Thanks to twitter I found out about Swiggies, as some of the other mummy bloggers had them. I didn't manage to get them for that run, but the following week I had a chance to test them. When they arrived my Isabelle was at home and wanted them, but I explained mummy needed them for running. She wasn't very happy about it, but couldn't do much about it. I promised her one day when she starts running with mummy we would get her a pair as well. They come in different colours and are also available in a smaller size for children, which I think is great, as this could encourage children to drink while they can be doing other things at the same time. Theys are made of the safest FDA approved, food grade, BPA-free plastic. They are freezable and also dishwasher safe.

When I go running I usually run for about an hour, and have to admit that I never used to carry water on me, as a bottle is just too heavy. Since having these, I always have them with me, and I feel much better, as getting fluids when exercising is very important. I love them and they will always be with me when running!


  1. What a good idea, I wish I had that when I did my 5k

  2. I've never heard of them - they sound great and I've not been carrying water because bottles are too heavy

  3. Me too I love my Swiggies! I have 2 yellow ones. I always run with one!


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