Monday, 18 October 2010

Do your children tidy their toys without moaning?

In two days our Isabelle will turn 3.5, would you believe it? Well, what can I do,  I cannot stop the time, can I ? Anyway, in the last few weeks we have been battling with "tidy up time". She used to be very good and always used to put her toys away when asked to do so, until recently. She would even come up with a strategy that I should do it as she was very tired... Then I thought of an idea, a mess fairy.

I told Isabelle that every night, when everyone is asleep the mess fairy visits childrens' houses and looks for toys that untidy children left behind and gives them to children who have no toys! At first she looked a bit suspicious, and started laughing, but as I didn't laugh she started thinking and within a few seconds, all the toys were put away. At first she just put them all on one place, but I explained to her, that they have to be exactly where they belong, so if the toy is from her bedroom, it needs to be put back there.
It's been a few weeks now since the mess fairy comes to our house and guess what, she hasn't been very successful in our house, as Isabelle always remembers to tidy her toys and even reminds me or daddy to put our things away... as they could be taken away too ;)

When I told my friends about our mess fairy some of them laughed, but some of them started using it as well. And I think that our mess fairy visits not only our house, but some others since then. Will she visit your house or you don't believe in mess fairies?


  1. This is absolutely brilliant !! Just love the idea - I will implement this today. Thank all the stars for this blog post .. perfect timing LOL!

  2. That's great, let me know how it went ;)


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