Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fitness Tuesday - Week 13!

It is not easy to get out and go running, it's actually getting more and more difficult (I managed to go 3 times last week). But I always remind myself about the vision of running 10km in the spring and then just go. It has also been much colder, so I have started running a bit later, not straight away after dropping Isabelle off at school. It's quite funny seeing me in my running outfit in the morning, all the mums and dads are dressed for work or casually and here I go in my tight trousers, fluorescent raincoat and trainers.... But one of the mums goes power walking, so we always chat and maybe one day I will persuade her into running with me. That would be much easier for both of us to get out there and just do it together ;)

As every week I suggest doing the following exercises every day until next Tuesday. It will not take you long, you don't have to do them all at once. If you feel comfortable doing more, do it, if you feel you might need to do less, don't worry, do less this week and do more the week after. I am not a fitness instructor, I am here to encourage you to do some exercises to get fitter and hope you will be there for me too.

I suggest doing the following for the next week:
  • 55 sit ups (towards both knees)
  • 55 sit ups (touching your left knee)
  • 55 sit ups (touching your right knee)
  • 18 push ups
  • skipping for 80 seconds (roughly 1 turn per second)

And how did you do last week? What exercises have you done in the last week?

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