Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Tiny Socialite BumGenius Collection - Review!

When I was asked to review the new nappies from The Tiny Socialite BumGenius Collection, I thought not many of my friends would be happy helping me with this, as none of them was using reusable nappies (wh ich    is sad), but when they saw the samples, one of them decided she would give it a go as they just look and feel soooo gorgeous! I was given the blue and yellow samples, but as you can see above, they come in 5 different prints. 
  • black and white: Eiffel Tower
  • yellow and white: Free Spirit
  • teal and lavender: Retail Therapy
  •  red and light green: Concrete Jungle
  • blue and twilight: Jet Setter
When seeing these, I thought maybe if I had these when Isabelle was tiny, I would have given it a go too, as I hated how many nappies we all use for our babies. At least I managed to potty train my daughter much earlier than many mums. Isabelle was out of nappies during the day around her 1st birtday and when she was 15 months she stopped having them at night as well. Yes, it is possible and most of my friends' children in the Czech Republic were out of napies at similar age. 

But back to my review. So what did we think? There are so many great features you will appreciate. The nappies are one size, which means they basically grow with your baby. You just need to adjust the rise of the nappy as your baby grows to give you 4 sizes from XS to L. I think that's fantastic. I was also impressed at how soft the sueded fast dry liner is and that it had 6 layers of absorbency to give extra protection. The discreet pockets are great as you can slip in extra inserst for overnight or when needed. It's not only the inside we loved, but also the outside fabric, that is very soft and looks so cool. The last thing to mention is definitely going to make you happy. They are machine washable up at to 30 degrees and you don't have to take the insers out! My friend's baby looked very comfortbale in it and there were no leaking accidents, and as she said she will try using it more and use disposable napies less. Which I think is great. 

These gorgeous nappies don't officially launch until November but are available to pre-order now from, RRP 15.99 for a bumGenius One Size nappy and £18.99 for a bumGenius Organic One Size nappy. As this is a limited edition, you should get your hands on one of these soon before they are all gone!

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  1. If you get offered any other cloth and need reviewers give me a yell, smallest is in cloth during day (should be at night, but I just haven't gotten around to it). Small was the poster boy for cloth nappies (quite literally!)


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