Thursday, 28 October 2010

What's on my mind & will be for the next few months?

Life is not fair! That's what has been on my mind for the last few days. Would you like to know why? I know I shouldn't be complaining, as we all are healthy and that is the most important, but last Wednesday I found out some not great news for us. It is regarding Isabelle's school. As you might know Isabelle has started pre-school not long ago and really loves going there every morning. She spends there 3 hours, while I have a bit of time to do some housework, cook lunch, go running, blog and twitter. 

Last week I was just checking if the dates for applying to this school have been announced and thanks to that I have found out that there have been some changes to the application process made. The first change is good for us, as they will be measuring the distance to the school "as the crow flies", which means it will be a shorter distance than before, but when I was reading the second change, my heart rate rose and  I couldn't breathe properly. I started crying and called my hubby, but he didn't answer the phone. I read it all over again and was trying to assure myself I misunderstood, but unfortunately not. 

The bad news was that we cannot directly apply to the school as we don't live in the borough the school belongs to. To explain, we live at the borderline, basically in the first street which is classified as belonging to another borough. Before we were allowed to apply directly to the school, which by the way has excellent OFSTED reports, but we cannot do it anymore. We can still apply, but it has to be done through our borough. I was and still am devastated as we were so happy she got in, has many new friends and great teachers, but what is the chance she will get in next year? My husband thinks I shouldn't get stressed about it yet, as there are many more months before we will find out...but I just cannot stop thinking about it. 

Also, this year there were 19 out of 30 children who got in as they have siblings at the school. I understand that you don't want to be taking your kids to different schools, but I still think that it's not fair. I think it's never going to be fair to everyone, and will just have to accept it. I will try to stay positive and optimistic, and believe that she will get in and will stay with her friends and teachers.


  1. Oh no, how awful :-(!
    I hope Isabelle gets in, will hold thumbs.

    Are there any schools in your borough that you like as a back-up?

  2. There is one school, that is very close to us, but it doesn't have such a great OFSTED report...


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