Friday, 15 October 2010

The worst times - when your child is not well!

When I picked Isabelle up from pre-school on Wednesday, she looked very tired and almost fell asleep when having her lunch. It's not like her, she is almost 3.5 years now, and I cannot remember when she fell asleep the last time...must have been many months ago. Anyway she went for her afternoon nap as she always does after lunch and woke up after an hour or so. She looked fine, a bit tired, but was very excited about seeing one of her friends that afternoon. We had an hour before her friend arrived, so we read her favourite Zingzillas magazine and then I realised as she was sitting on my lap, she felt a bit warmer than usually. I checked her forehead and cheeks and went upstairs to get our new thermometer. Her temperature was a bit higher than normal , but nothing to get worried about too much. 

Then her friend arrived and they played nicely and later we went for a short walk to the close by park. When we got back home she was suddenly very tired and when I checked her temperature, I realised it was around 38.5C, so I gave her some nurofen jr. She ate her dinner fine, had even some fruit without any protests. Then daddy arrived home from work and she was cuddling him. Her temperature was lower after taking the medicine, but was still not normal. I kind of new, there could be a chance of a rough night, so have asked her if she wanted to sleep in our bed, which she refused. She went to bed fine. 

At 10pm, when I was getting ready for bed ( a bit earlier than I usually go, but as I said I kind of expected her to be waking up that night) she woke up and was crying. I checked her temperature and it was higher again... I put her in our bed and she fell asleep again. As it was not long enough after taking nurofen jr before going to bed, I didn't give her anything. So off we went to bed. At about 12.30 she woke me up. I touched her and she was so hot. When I checked her temperature, it was almost 40C! I gave her some more nurofen jr and wiped her face with cold water, kept the window a bit open to get some fresh cool air in. She wasn't shivering or sweating at all, that was a bit strange to me, but she was very tired and went back to sleep. About an hour later she woke up again. She sat up and looked at me, and I knew something was going to happen...I picked her up and she started vomiting! Well, that's not the end of the world.... it was everywhere, but at least she didn't vomit when sleeping. She started crying and that's when daddy came upstairs and helped me a lot. He tidied everything while I was changing Isabelle and thinking of what to do next as she couldn't take any more medicine. The answer was doing the same thing that my parents used to do which I absolutely hated as a child and still remember, but it always worked! Wrapping her in cold wet towels!

I got everything ready and with the help of my husband we wrapped her in cold wet towels. She didn't like it and was crying and screaming, but we wrapped her in a few blankets and I was holding her, cuddling her and singing the whole time, as singing always seems to calm her down and it did this time as well. Half an hour later I checked her temperature and it did the magic, it went down to 37.8C. We dried her body and put her favourite PJs on. She fell asleep soon after this and me too... not for long as I kept on waking up and checking her temperature, but it wasn't raising, so I was happy. We woke up at 8.30 and her temperature wasn't normal, but only just a bit higher than it should be. We spent the whole day in our bed watching Disney movies, reading books and napping. In the evening I knew she was much better, as she started to be bored and being a bit naughty. I had time to check twitter and there I got a few tips on lowering high temperature, basically most of you suggested giving calpol and nurofen jr, as you can use both. Well, I know it for the next time. Thank you for your great advise.

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