Saturday, 20 November 2010

My Buggy Buddy Hippychick Lock and Clip Review!

My Buggy Buddy Lock

Last week I got this very interesting e-mail from one of my PR contacts about significant increase in buggy theft and she has also mentioned she had the answer to this problem, a My Buggy Buddy Lock and Clip by Hippychick! I have never thought of locking my pushchair, but actually I think it's a very clever idea which can save you a lot of money and stress!

According to a new survey by Halifax Home Insurance, "theft of buggies has doubled in the past year after designer pushchairs become more in demand. Of the 2000 parents polled 5% said their buggy had been stolen in the last 12 months, meaning as many as 315,000 buggies could have been stolen in the last year alone. The theft of buggies costing more than £500 has increased by 40%. Popular places for buggies to be stolen were outside the home, in car parks and in cafes and restaurants."

And what did we think of it? Well, what can I say. Maybe, why have I not thought of that? It's so simple, we lock our bikes, so why not to lock our pushchairs! The lock works on a number combination principle, so you just need to set it and then remember the 3 number combination to open it. Pretty easy, and you can buy it for £8.49 from Hippychick. Not only you can secure the buggy onto something, but also you can secure something to your buggy ( a handbag )! The clip is also very useful when you need to carry some bags and push the buggy at the same time. Just clip it onto your buggy add your bags and close it. Easy as that and again, a very effective solution which you will appreciate on a daily basis. You can buy it for £5.99 from Hippychick. Both of these could be great Christmas presents that everyone will surely appreciate!

My Buggy Buddy Clip

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