Friday, 17 December 2010

VTech MobiGo Touch Handheld Learning System Review!

Last weekend I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Sticky Fingers  ( yes, it is the founder of the famous Gallery ), and thanks to that I came across a post looking for 2 guest toy reviewers. The lovely Tara has become a toyologist ( Toys R Us product reviewer) not long ago and has been so kind and wanted to share some toys with her fellow mummy bloggers. Me and Isabelle have been very lucky and have been selected as the guest reviewers of the fabulous VTech MobiGo Touch Handheld Learning System and now I am going to let you know what we think of it.

The door bell rang just 10 minutes before leaving for a school run on Wednesday morning and when I saw the parcel I knew exactly what was inside. I had only one question in my head:" Should I tell Isabelle or leave it  for after school?"  Well, I couldn't resist and told her that I have some fabulous toy for her to test. If you saw how she was ripping the packaging.... Anyway, of course she was very excited ( me too!) and when we opened the box she just looked very pleased and said: "mum, this is my computer!" and was running upstairs to show it to daddy. As we were rushing to school, I knew there would be a few tears as we had no time to play with it. She wanted to take it to school and show it to her the end we agreed that as soon as we got home after school, we would check it out!

As I was very busy, I asked daddy to read the instructions and get it ready for her when she returns home after school. When I picked her up, she was rushing home, which is very unusual for her, she is usually the last one leaving her classroom. When we got home, she ran upstairs and daddy took time explaining to her what to do. I was cooking lunch and just listening to them. They were having some good fun and Isabelle spent a while playing the easier options of some of the games.

Before testing it I thought it could be a bit too difficult for her as she is just 3.5. It is supposed to be suitable from 3-8 years, and I can definitely confirm it is suitable for her age group. Each game has two levels of difficulty, so obviously she plays the easier option, but I think she will be very soon ready for the more difficult version of some of the games. She really enjoyed playing the games and sometimes it takes me a while to get her attention when she is occupied with her new VTech MobiGo...

The game we got for a review was the Shrek Forever After:
  • bowling bonanza ( great for practising numbers and adding)
  • Ogre boogie
  • vroom broom ( upper/lower case letters)
  • cave adventures (spelling)
  • memory madness ( which picture is being hidden?)
  • counting fun
  • No weight! ( comparing what is heavier)
  • baby brain ( smaller than, bigger than and equal to)
Overall rating: we love it, one of the best toys she has ever had.

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