Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fitness Tuesday - Week 27!

If you follow me on twitter (@Kahanka) you might know that I take the training very seriously and really follow my personal training plan by Karen from fullpotential.co.uk. Meeting her and others from the team which is helping us with getting ready for this big event was fantastic. Also knowing that Maria and Emma are doing it with me really helps. 
Me, Maria and Emma

 Maria, me, Karen and Emma

Originally I was supposed to run my 90 minutes long run on Sunday, but after the training day in London, I felt a bit more tired than expected, also my right knee was aching  since Saturday afternoon and so I decided to go swimming with Isabelle and daddy. While they were having fun in the children pool, I was swimming in the fast lane, and managed to swim 50 laps in 35 minutes. I was quite happy with the result, especially on a Sunday morning, when it's very busy and there are just too many people in the pool.
Anyway, I was feeling much better on Monday morning, but I could still feel the pain in my right knee. After about 80 minutes of running outside I had to stop as the pain in my right knee was getting worse and worse. I power- walked for the last 10 minutes, and was feeling a bit angry with myself that I wasn't able to run the whole 90 mins because of the knee...Let's hope that a one day rest will help me and that the pain will go away!

This is what I managed to do last week:

Tuesday: 3 x 6 mins running at threshold with 2 mins jog recovery between efforts
Wednesday: 45 mins spinning class
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 45 mins steady effort run outside
Saturday: NPL Training Day in London ( threshold running)
Sunday: 35 mins swimming ( breast stroke, 50 laps, 25m pool)
Monday: Long run 80 mins outside + 10 power-walking

Just a little reminder that you could support me (Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity) by sponsoring me. THANK YOU!
Thank you to my sponsor https://www.nestle-purelife.co.uk and also Kiddicare for donating
an amazing amount of £500!

And now I am all excited about hearing your news!!!

As every week I suggest doing the following exercises every day until next Tuesday. It will not take you long, you don't have to do them all at once. If you feel comfortable doing more, do it, if you feel you might need to do less, don't worry, do less this week and do more the week after. I am not a fitness instructor, I am here to encourage you to do some exercises to get fitter and hope you will be there for me too. And don't forget to add our Fitness Tuesday badge to your blog ;)))

I suggest doing the following for the next week:
  • 61 sit ups (towards both knees)
  • 61 sit ups (touching your left knee)
  • 61 sit ups (touching your right knee)
  • 20 push ups
  • skipping for 95 seconds (roughly 1 turn per second)

How did you do last week and how do you feel about it? What exercises have you done?

I know that many people try to loose some weight or get back into shape after Christmas, so take it easy, these numbers are based on starting 27  weeks ago, if you need some help, just leave me a comment ;))) Remember we all are doing it together!

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  1. woman you are on fire! I hope you feel better after the physio. My feet are killing me, I really need new running shoes. I did a 42 min run today at the gym, not best run but I did it! (was so tired after work). We'll catch up this week ;) x


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