Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Hands First Power Scrub & Moisturiser Review!

I cannot say I am very good at gardening, but I love planting new plants with Isabelle and then watching them growing and blossoming. As the past few days have been much warmer, I decided to do some clean-up in the garden and also I wanted to test the sample of the new hands first power scrub & moisturiser which I was sent a few days ago.

I usually wear gloves when working in the garden, but sometimes they get wet and very dirty, so I have to take them off. After doing my clean-up in the garden, my hands were quite muddy.  I managed to wash off most of the dirt just using some soap, but then when I used the power scrub, I got rid off all the dirt that was left on my hands and behind my nails. It worked really well, smelled nice and left my hands soft and moisturised, not dry at all. It will be very useful once the spring comes here and you should check it out too!

Product features:
  • containing natural pumice and wall nut shell for deep-down cleaning
  • natural blue cypress oil and panthenol for skin conditioning
  • natural anti-bacterial grapefruit seed extract
  • available from

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