Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Humf App reviewed!

We might be one of the few not owning an iPhone, but we are one of the few owning the new iPad, which daddy brought back from his business trip to New York. We love using it, especially for watching movies and looking at photos. There is one member of our family who loves touching it and playing around with it. Yes, you are absolutely right, it's our darling Isabelle. I have been trying to keep her away from playing computer games until recently and even now it doesn't happen very often. I want her to be able to use a computer as she does it at school anyway, but don't want her to spend too much time on it. When I was asked to review this iPod/iPad application, I checked if that's something that my Isabelle can also learn something from.

It is based on the TV show on Nick Jr, and has been designed specifically for pre-school children to pick up and play by themselves. It includes a selection of 9 mini-games, with a variety of activities inspired by the hit TV show. The Humf App is available for £1.79 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

Activities include:

Furry Thing – Combine different body parts and create new and familiar furry things.

Painting – Help Wallace paint amazing and colourful pictures.

Tidy Up – Help Humf clean his room by matching the toys to their correctly coloured boxes.

Shadows – Different shapes cast different shadows. Children can try and match them correctly.

Balloons – Help Loon fill the balloons with air, count them then have fun popping them with Humf.

Dot-To-Dot – Join the dots to reveal different characters from the TV show.

Music – Children can have fun making music with different instruments.

Bath Time – Use the water pistol to shoot bubbles at the toys.

Racing – Control the car by tilting the device in different directions.

And what did we think? Most of the activities were quite easy for Isabelle to follow and she really enjoyed playing them, especially the painting, bath time and racing (even though she didn't manage to avaid crashing into the block most of the time). I think the shadows activity was a bit more difficult for her, but I am sure as she will be playing with it she will fing her way how to understand it. I liked blowing up the balloons and popping them. All in all, I think oit is suitable fro her age group and for £1.79, it's a bargain!

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