Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Still Looking for a CyberMummy 2011 Sponsor?

I have been very lucky and have found a sponsor for CyberMummy 2011 pretty quickly. Now, I have some very exciting news. There is a company who have also wanted to sponsor me,  but as I have already got a sponsor, they have asked me to recommend some mummy bloggers. If you are still looking for a sponsor, add a link to your blog or post where you mention you are looking for a sponsor, what you expect from your sponsor to cover and what you can offer in return. I am very happy I can help one mummy blogger and cannot wait to see you all there!!!


  1. Oooo how exciting! I have added a link to my post which I put on my blog back in November. Would be fabulous if someone (maybe even me!) got this opportunity!!

    Hannah x

  2. I just added my link but have yet to write a sponsorship post! Sorry - I will get one written up as soon as poss x

  3. Wow, how generous. tHank you so much for extending such a kind offer.

  4. I'm not sure if I'm too late but here's my post just in case:

    Thanks very much


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