Friday, 21 January 2011

You just have to believe!

Exactly a week ago I was quite stressed as on Thursday night I was adding a CyberMummy sponsorship banner to my website, and I managed to delete some code and the whole template was all over the place. I worked late, it was almost midnight and I just didn't feel like spending another couple of hours finding out what went wrong. I know you are going to ask the question, so I am going to save you asking it and answer it straight away. No, I didn't back it up before making any changes to the template....That will teach me! As I mostly spend my time blogging and not on the website, I completely forgot. It's as simple as that! Then my good friend from Prague came for a few days, so I just tried not to think about it and left it. It was at the back of my mind, but I thought I would manage to fix it after her visit.

The next day in the afternoon daddy told me he wasn't able to look after our darling daughter the following Monday as he had a very important meeting. I had booked a hot stone massage through Groupon deals with Divine beauty and another catastrophic scenario followed. You can read about it here and don't forget to check the comments to find out the result!  

But it wasn't the end of it. Last Saturday it was daddy's birthday. We had a wonderful day planned. It all started well with our family bike trip to nearby Watford (10 miles). When we came back we were exhausted and hungry. As we wanted to stay locally, we just went to our local Ask pizza restaurant in Northwood. We go there quite often as Isabelle loves their pasta, and to be honest me and daddy like it there too. But of course something had to happen on daddy's birthday, as bad things come in threes , don't they? 
At 2.15 we ordered our starters and mains. After about 15 minutes we got our starters. 15 minutes after finishing our starters we "were told" that there was no sauce for my main dish, so I was advised to choose another meal. There was no word of apology, and when I asked if my husband's and my daughter's meals were ready, his response was, that "they haven't started them yet, as they always wait for customers to finish their starters before starting the mains"....a bit strange, but how come the chef didn't know he had no sauce when he saw our order (45 minutes after ordering  our meals)? 

This can happen, but we were  mainly disappointed that the manager didn't really apologise and didn't compensate us for not having our meal. We didn't have to pay for mains, which we didn't have anyway, and the manager gave us 20% off what we ate and drunk. What a generosity!
Our afternoon was ruined as we had no lunch, a hungry 3,5 year old daughter and we were disappointed the way we were treated by the manager... on my husband's birthday! I am not sure if we ever go there again!

Despite all the bad things happening, I tried to stay positive and you know what, thanks to you my lovely blog readers and your comments I managed to get a refund from Groupon ( also added another £20 in my account for future use). Last night I spent a few hours replying to all my e-mails and then I thought I would check my website code, maybe I could find out what went wrong. Guess what, I found a tiny bit of code missing, a closing bracket!!! And it worked! It's fine now, I went to bed laughing and was thinking that such a tiny piece of code missing completely ruined a few days in my wasn't worth it, but I treat it as my baby, as I created the website from scratch, learning the code, it took me 6 months! Anyway, staying positive proves to be working for me, so now I am just waiting for the Ask pizza to get back to me with some kind of apology. What do you think, will they reply? I really hope so!

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