Thursday, 24 February 2011

Isabelle skiing again!

This half- term holiday we are spending with our family and friends in the Czech Republic. It's almost the end of winter, but if you drive to the mountains (about half an hour away from my parent's place) you cannot see any signs of the end of the winter yet. It's freezing here, about -15C  at night and up to -5C during the day, but it's sunny and just beautiful. We love it.

Last year Isabelle started skiing for the first time, not even 3 years old. This year she was really looking forward to going again. I have to say that she is much better this year and she is clearly enjoying it. After  a few days she has improved  a lot, so next year we will definitely go for a family ski holiday to the highest mountains of the Czech Republic, Krkonose. We should be going with our friends, so it should be a lot of fun.


  1. Awww she looks very professional! Love Her little ski outfit. Liking the mummy and Isabelle snow people . Enjoy the rest of your time there xx

  2. How fun! I grew up about an hour from a ski mountain and started to ski around her age. Great family activity! x

  3. Family ski holidays are great, so much fun!
    ohabbyreally, where did you grow up?

  4. Wow, that looks so much fun! Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  5. she looks like a pro! I'm usually passed by kids like her when I'm on the slopes, hahaha..
    enjoy half term :)

  6. I love the surroundings when skiing - so peaceful


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