Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Learning Through Play!

Learning through play is very important. I am a teacher myself, and I used to teach children of many different age groups and also adults, and implementing games and playing into studying or learning has always been very successful with everyone. 

Isabelle is not an exception, she also loves learning through play, and I love watching her improving her skills while playing. The above picture is just an example of how you can play and learn at the same time. Isabelle got this easel just before Christmas, and she has been using it every day since then. She loves practising letters and numbers as you can see, but she also very often uses it when painting some pictures. We often play pretend school games,  where I am a student and she is a teacher, or the other way round. Check out some more pictures of Isabelle while playing and learning.

 Isabelle found out how to make pink, while mixing red and white paint together. Then she was experiencing with other colours. A great way how to learn about colours.

 Our family

 Isabelle has also improved when drawing people and faces.
This is a picture of daddy ;)

 Just got back home from a bike ride, not wasting anytime,
straight away practising number 3!

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  1. my daughter is 2 with learning difficulties, learning through play is the main way she learns things so agree with a lot you say :)


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