Sunday, 15 May 2011

Isabelle Testing John Crane First Balance Bike!

Two weeks ago I was approached by a company that sells wooden toys. They offered to send me any toy from their website up to the value of £50, and I can tell you, I was spoiled for choice. They offer so many fantastic products, which can mean hours of fun in the world of wooden toys for children. At the end, I decided to go for the red John Crane First Balance Bike, as I thought that it could help Isabelle when learning to ride her bicycle.

Daddy was so good and put all the parts together, which didn't take him long. When Isabelle got home from school, she had her surprise ready. Check out my short video to see her reaction and how she was doing on her new bike!

When we went to test it in a park, we saw one of our friends. She was telling me how she wanted to get one of these bikes for her daughter, who is the same age as Isabelle. At the end she didn't, as one of her friends told her that if your child has already started riding a bike with stabilisers, it is quite difficult for them to get used to this bike. Apparently, the best is to start at younger age, it is recommended from 3 years, and then they will learn how to balance it and will never need stabilisers on their bike. Well, I didn't know that, but we will keep on taking it with us to a park and encourage Isabelle to practise on it, and hopefully she will soon realise that it isn't so difficult and will enjoy it much more.


  1. My neighbour's child was having difficulties taking stabilisers off. So they borrowed a balancing bike for 2 weeks and then he went back to his "normal bike" and was off... it is a myth that you can't go from stabilisers to balancing bike - tell your friend!!!!!

    And Red Ted has his bike from 2yrs, though I would say 2.5yrs would have been about right!


    Maggy x

  2. Thanks Maggy for your comment, we will be practising more ;)

  3. She seems to love the bell and taking her dolls for a ride. I had never heard of the balance bike and think it would of been a good investment for my daughter.

  4. well we think it's brilliant that you could choose anything and you chose JOHN CRANE ! yay!! :-) You chose wisely....


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