Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mums On the Go event by!

This week started really well. On Monday I drove all the way down to South London to see two of my friends. On Tuesday we were invited to a fabulous Three event in London. It was great to see some familiar faces, also to meet some new mummy bloggers, and to listen to some very interestings tips on using mobiles and Internet for mums on the go.

As we live kind of still in London, we took Metropolitan line, then changed a few times and got near the Westfield shopping centre in time. I printed out the map, and had to ask a few people, and at the end we made it to the event in time. Now I know, there was a short cut, which we will remember if we need it sometimes in the future.

And why was so it so fantastic? I was actually surprised there were not only mummy bloggers and journalists invited, but also normal mums. Which I think was very clever of them to do, to get together mums from all different backgrounds and talk about things we all have in common. I was pleased there was a free creche provided, as I cannot imagine Isabelle spending the whole day listening to us talking about how Internet and our phones, twitter, etc is important for us. Anyway, the venue was fantastic, the food presentation was great, and I found the workshops also very informative. Also decorating cupcakes seemed very popular by everyone and when Katie from CBeebies channel arrived, the children couldn't get enough of her. All in all, a really well organised and child-friendly event, which other companies could learn from a lot. Hope to be coming to more events organised by soon.

And one more thing, there were some celebrities, and I knew nothing about them, I have never heard of them, but you can check some of them on my video. I haven't lived in the UK long enough to know them, but to be honest, I wouldn't care anyway. They came across as normal mums, and that's all that matters to me!

As I was probably the only one who doesn't own a smart phone, Three have been so nice and will be sending a few phones for testing. This post is written in Moira, near Belfast in Northern Ireland, as we are visiting daddy's grandparents for a few days, and having Internet connection again thanks to Three and their wireless modem is keeping me sane in the horrific weather we always experience when we come for a visit. Every time we come, doesn't matter if it's in summer, spring, autumn or winter, it rains....every day, how can people live here...It's great to see our family, but to be honest cannot wait to go back to London.

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