Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Disney Store on Oxford Street Opening Tomorrow!

I cannot wait to tell you what we were doing this afternoon. We were invited to check out the new Disney store on Oxford Street, the second largest Disney store in the world, which will be opening for public tomorrow morning! Isabelle and me, we both are huge friends of Disney, and we both we soooo excited and I also felt very privileged to have a chance to see the store before its official opening day. We had a few problems on the tube, so finished up getting there a bit later than planned, but that couldn't spoil the fantastic experience we both had. I can tell you, Isabelle loved it from the first minute and I was just feeling a bit sad, I wasn't a child as well.

Of course, there are toys, many and many toys! But there are also other fabulous surprises like the 28 ft high Princess Castle in the centre of the store, a life-sized Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck plush dressed as Palace Guards, and Isabelle's favourite, the Disney Princess Magic Mirror. I also admired the Disney Store Theatre with a giant screen, where you can choose from over 50 clips on the imagination station and watch it on the big screen.

It was an unforgettable experience, and we were spoiled to be enjoying all the great things in an almost empty store, with very kind staff, who were looking after us so nicely. I cannot imagine what it will be like tomorrow morning, when the door opens to public at 11am. Isabelle was were lucky and was given a voucher for which she bought some toys and a hat, and we were also given a special copy of the map that shows all the locations featured in some of the Disney's most beloved films set in the capital, which I am sure we will be exploring this summer.

I believe this is going to become not only a destination all children will want to see and be talking about, but also another top London tourist attraction. Go and check it out, I am absolutely sure, your children and you will love it!

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  1. I watched a video , the shop looks fantastic :)
    I am a fan Disney Store on FB, of course :)


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