Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Wedding!

As many of you, guys, we also decided to follow the Royal Wedding. We went for the easiest option and watched it on telly. It would have been not a problem to get there for us as we live in London, but to be honest I just wanted to see the ceremony and her dress, and I don't think you could really see much at the actual event, unless you were one of the lucky few people invited to the ceremony, which took place at the Westminster Abbey.

Anyway, we started the day watching my and daddy's wedding, as that was Isabelle's wish and she has never seen it. That was the first time I cried, and she had no idea why... asking me if I was sad or hurt, or "why are you crying then , mummy?" After watching our wedding ceremony, the guests started arriving to Westminster Abbey, and I was painting white, blue and red butterfly on Isabelle's face. Then she spent a little while painting her hands, and of course her mummy's face. For me she chose different colours, and after watching the ceremony and the appearance on the balcony, my tears were just rolling down my cheeks and the colours were running too. I took a few pictures on our telly, and was quite impressed by some of them, check these out and my last words go to William and Catherine ( NOT KATE ANYMORE!!!), I wish you all the best and keep my fingers crossed for you! 


  1. Isabelle looks so adorable!

    The wedding really was wonderful, I was covered in goosebumps when she first walked out of the hotel to get into the wedding car!

  2. Loving the face painting !! What a sweetie Isabelle is :)

    I was away on the day but caught up with all the wedding highlights as soon as I could. What a wonderful much love in the air :)

  3. Thanks for not commenting on my face ;)))

  4. Both ladies looking lovely in your household and what a day to remember all together

  5. i wasn't so lucky to get to watch it - 22 month old put paid to that! love the face painting!

  6. Looks like you both had a lovely day! I meant to take some photos myself but managed two. Argh!


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