Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dino Bite game for the Dinosaur lovers!

We came across the Dino Bite game at the Christmas in July event. Isabelle admired the green monster and loved stealing the babies from him, and then we were sent one for a review. I took it with us on holiday as I knew that this could help us with entertaining our little daughter and stop her from being bored. At least I hoped so.

After installing the batteries, the creature started to make noises that were a bit scary and first Isabelle's reaction was that she didn't want to play it. I was a bit surprised as this wasn't the first time she saw it. Anyway, we told her she didn't have to play, and I continued playing with my parents, while Isabelle was walking around and pretending she wasn't interested in our game at all. But once it was her nan's turn and while she was trying to steal a baby from the Dino, the creature moved forward and my mum jumped. She didn't expect it at all. We all had a good laugh. A few days later when Isabelle's friend came for a visit, guess what game they were playing?

Game features:
  • game for 2-4 players aged 4+ 
  • the Dino will roar out loud and lunge forward, revealing his massive blade-like teeth - to scare them away from his prize
  • Only they can save the Dino Babies - but they must avoid the Dino BITE!
  • Each player takes it in turn to rescue an egg from the Dino nest with the tweezers
    supplied. With each roll of the coloured dice they’ll find out whether they are aiming
    for a certain colour, have free rein to pick any Dino baby within their reach, or
    whether they have to miss a go. Then it’s a case of gently, quietly does it… as they
    carefully lift the edge of the leaf, steadily move their tweezers into the nest, grasp the
    baby and lift it out to safety! Or it’s fine for younger players to use their fingers
    instead of the tweezers, if they like.
  • The game continues until there is only one player left who hasn’t been caught out by the ferocious beast…and that player is the winner of the game!


  1. Looks good and its nice that its aimed more for boys as i think is kinda hard to find games which are

  2. My 8 year old daughter would love this game, she loves to play family games and wants to be a Paleontologist when she grows up :)


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