Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lite Sprite Toys finally in the UK!

Not long ago we were sent the new Lite Sprite toys, the Prisma and her wand and her friend Meadow. Isabelle is really into fairies these days, and these are just amazing. You will not only love their design, but once they are lit up and change the colours, that's when the wow comes into place. When we went to the Christmas in July event a few weeks ago, I shot a video to show you how they work together. We spent quite a while there, and Isabelle didn't really want to leave. I had to tell her that her Prisma was waiting for her at home. She was so excited, and when we got home I had to show her her new friend and she really loved playing with her. Once we received Meadow as well, Isabelle was able to share the colour among her two new friends. I can imagine that the tree of lite and the names of the 3 remaining fairies will be on her Christmas list. She just loves them!

Product features:
The amazing Lite Sprites are beautiful friends full of colour and light, which they can magically cast and share among themselves and their world. They live in the truly unique and enchanting world of Lite-topia, powered by imagination and illuminated by girls’ power to magically capture, transfer and share light and colour.
Lite Wand features:
Magical color and light displays
Lite-Topia SFX and audio guidance
Select color from the built-in library and share it with Prisma and the rest of Lite-Topia
Capture color from your world and share it
Receive color from another Lite Wand
Play built-in color games: Colour Hunt and Color Mix
Send spells to Sprites and playsets
Volume control

Comes with special forest pod home
Includes 10 built-in "favorite" colors
Leader of the Sprites
Catches colors and spells from the Lite Wand, shares color with other Sprites
Interacts with playsets

Special Lite Sprites, Astra, Meadow and Brooke (£14.99 RRP), each light up with seven special colours which they can share and transfer between themselves and Lite Topia. Bleak (£14.99 RRP) mischievously steals colour, but the wand holds the secret to unlock the colours of her heart. All the Sprites come with a beautiful forest pod.

The Lite Sprites from WowWee are available from July 2011 and are suitable for ages 4+ and over.

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  1. these look great - perfect for my daughter - never seen them before x


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